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It's that time of year when Britain embraces it's dark and gruesome past - from beheaded queens and killer surgeons to haunted castles and bricked-up bodies. Those with a nervous disposition should draw the curtains and hibernate, whilst the rest of us step out into the cold dark night, and prepare for the hairs on our arms to stand on end. Here are some attractions guaranteed to get your pulse racing.
Tower of London

Revered by some as the most haunted building in England, The Tower of London really has seen some macabre sights since its construction in 1078. Along with the beheaded queens: Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard and Lady Jane Grey; the tower is said to be haunted by the ‘White Lady'; the young princes – Edward V and Richard of Shrewsbury and the Countess of Salisbury, who was hacked to death at the grand old age of 72, after ruffling the feathers of King Henry VIII.

Glamis Castle

Once the childhood home to the Queen mum; this Scottish castle is said to be home to another famous, questionable more frightening, tenant: the Monster of Glamis. It is said that a hideously deformed child was born here and locked in the castle for life. Upon his death his suite of rooms were bricked up – confining him forever more. Somewhere in the 16-foot-thick walls, also lies the famous room of skulls, the remains of the Oglivie family, whose bid to protect themselves from their enemies, saw them walled up and left to die of starvation.

Inveraray Jail

Observe a lone vigil in an eerie 18th century prison cell at a Paranormal Investigation Ghost Hunting Night at Inveraray Jail. Roam the jail buildings in the company of a psychic medium – who can help to explain whose sinister voice you have captured on the digital recorder and why the atmosphere has suddenly turned hostile as you encounter John Clark – a prisoner from the past.

Traquair House

Located in the borders, you'll find Scotland's oldest inhabited house. With a regal history - family portraits of 27 Scottish monarchs keep a watchful eye on visitors and guard its secrets. The house is also home to a cradle where Mary Queen of Scots would lay her infant, James VI. It's also worth keeping an eye out for the ghost of Lady Louisa Stewart, who has been spotted roaming the grounds.

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