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Planning a wedding can be hugely overwhelming and with the amount there is to consider it isn’t a surprise that some things slip through the net. Planning a wedding is a full-time job (which many people are trying to when they have a full-time job) so some things often get overlooked. Here's a list of some of the things couples forget to consider, so you don't make the same mistakes.

Create a contingency plan for rain

If you're planning for a summer wedding, all too often couples view a venue and fall in love with the al fresco option. They picture basking in the sunshine whilst saying their vows, followed by guests sipping on iced cocktails as they wander the grounds for breath-taking photographs all before dining in the summer air and partying under the stars. However, certainly in the UK, the chances of this all being achievable isn’t guaranteed. Therefore, it is so important that you are equally enamoured with the indoor options. As the big day approaches and the stress levels increase, you don’t want to be worrying about something you can’t do anything about: the weather. Make sure you speak to your venue and fully understand where the ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast and evening party would take place should the heavens open. Also ensure you understand at what point a call must be made on the weather. Some venues ask you to decide the day before, whereas others will quickly whisk the chairs inside just before the ceremony if the black clouds arise. To be forearmed is forewarned as they say!  

Don't forget transport

Couples have spreadsheets galore when planning a wedding and meticulously plan every last detail. But a detail that is often overlooked is the bridal party transport. You have worked out how you are arriving at the ceremony, the groom knows how he is arriving, all the guests have managed themselves, but the bridal party have been missed out. They need to leave earlier than you to arrive at the venue before you, so make sure you arrange transport for them. Any mishaps at that time of the day are going to cause your stress levels to go through the roof. 

Eat and drink water

Such a simple mantra, but so easily forgotten! Your adrenaline is at peak intensity, you are floating up high on cloud 9 and it is very easy to forget to eat. The canapes are being brought round at a time that you are either circulating round to speak to all your guests, or you are off having your photographs taken with your new husband or wife. Either way canapes very often pass you by. It is a good tip to assign a bridesmaid (or similar) the task of ensuring you get a canape or two passed your lips in the hysteria. 
During the time that no food is passing your lips, champagne normally is. So, it is also a very good tip to try and remember to drink some water as the day goes on. Again, assigning someone the job of bringing you a glass of water sporadically throughout the day is going to be a very wise move.

Don't forget to include yourselves in the final numbers

It sounds so simple, but so frequently couples forget to tot themselves up in their final numbers. This always comes as a nasty surprise when you have balances to pay to caterers and you haven’t budgeted for yourselves. When venues ask for numbers for anything, such as, numbers for the ceremony, numbers for the wedding breakfast, numbers for the evening and so on - these numbers are always to include the both of you! Be sure to include your names on all your spreadsheets to prevent this being overlooked. 

Consider tips and meals for your suppliers

When your wedding day arrives, you will have paid all your remaining balances, but there are some suppliers (such as bands) that like to be paid cash on the day. As a bride or groom, you will have so much to think about on the day and will be so overwhelmed it may be a good idea to assign this job to the Best Man or Maid Of Honour. Also, I would always advise a little extra cash to be brought should you wish to tip them on the day/night. So often they exceed your expectation and you will kick yourself if you don’t have the cash to show your gratitude. 
Another detail often overlooked is supplying a meal for your vendors. Some issue a ‘rider’ in their contract, but just remember to pay for an extra meal for band members and such like if they require it. 

Appoint a shot list assistant

A shot list is provided to your photographer during your planning, so they are fully aware of the photos you would like achieved on the day. However, all too often this process doesn’t go quite to plan as the photographer may have ‘Auntie and Uncle’ written on the paperwork, but he has no idea who these people are. So, I recommend appointing a family member, close friend or member of the bridal party to assist the photographer in finding such people, to ensure this process runs smoothly and efficiently.  

Don't forget the next day!

The breakdown of an event the next day is an element of wedding planning that is frequently neglected. Whilst you wake as newlyweds revelling in every last detail of the day before, the last thing you want to be considering is how to get various belongings home. Some couples will be heading straight off to a mini/honeymoon from the venue and therefore don’t want to be responsible for taking centrepieces, presents and wedding dresses etc with them. So, to prevent a mass panic and organisation mishap the next day, be sure to assign people to be responsible for such elements to take away from the venue to either keep safe until your return, or oversee returning to hire shops etc. 

About the Author

Hannah Benn is the Director of Daisy Alexandra Weddings, luxury wedding planners based in Essex. Daisy Alexandra Weddings offers a full range of bespoke services in London and the Home Counties, including full or partial planning, venue and supplier search, and wedding day coordination. With over fourteen years' experience in celebrity management, Hannah trained with the UKAWP to become a professional wedding planner, before launching her company.

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