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Hampshire's Best Sights

by Ben Ward

Hampshire's Best Sights

Hampshire is a county known to fly somewhat under the radar. Adjacent to Dorset with its beautiful beaches; and Sussex, which contains one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the whole of the UK in Brighton, some might think that Hampshire has nothing to offer. This article will beg to differ and begin to explore some of the best spots, sights and attractions that are an absolute must for anyone wishing to visit the county.

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Southampton Common



Southampton's biggest open space, the Common isn't just a place for University football and rugby teams to train. It is absolutely gigantic and has enough hidden walks and side-paths to keep you occupied every time you re-visit. On a sunny day, or at sunset, its many lakes look absolutely beautiful. A great place for students, locals or visitors to stroll through and explore.

Winchester Cathedral



Winchester Cathedral is one of the biggest in the UK. Not only this, but the Gothic nave is the longest in the world. While it is worth seeing just for the sheer enormity of it, the cathedral has had a very important role in English history, most notably hosting the controversial marriage between Mary I and King Phillip II of Spain in 1554. Its history is thus just as inviting as its architecture. If you visit in the winter, the Christmas market is renowned as one of the best in Europe. Wonderfully pretty, with an abundance of food and festivity to enjoy.


The New Forest is a sprawling mass of unenclosed pasture land, where nature has been left to run its course in the best possible way. The relatively untouched forest is now home to a plethora of unique wildlife. Amongst these are butterflies, bird species and the iconic shetland ponies which are allowed to roam free. The new forest is so vast it is impossible to run out of places to explore; it is the best Hampshire has to offer for long, picturesque walks.

Spinnaker Tower



Portsmouth has a handful of nice beaches and interesting attractions on its harbour, and there is no better way to see everything that the harbour city has to offer than the Spinnaker Tower. Offering a view from 100m high, you can stand and enjoy Portsmouth in its entirety on a glass viewing platform. The sight is especially breathtaking at sunset, a very unique experience.

Southampton Marina



The best stretch of Southampton's marina, Ocean village, offers some classy restaurants and hotels overlooking the water. By night it is a quaint sight, the best backdrop Southampton has to offer while having your meal. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, boats are available to rent to take out of the marina. The sea is usually still, reflecting the sun/moonlight perfectly. A calm escape from the city.

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