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Travel Ideas

Here are the Travel Ideas for Britain's Finest, chosen by our team of professional travel journalists.

In the days when Britain's trade was almost exclusively with Europe this country's east coast ports were important and wealthy. Some of the merchant towns like Lavenham (which has three of Britain's Finest hotels in close proximity to each other) have hardly changed since... more

Ten of Britain’s Scariest Attractions

It’s that time of year when Britain embraces it’s dark and gruesome past - from beheaded queens and killer surgeons to haunted castles and bricked-up bodies. Those with a nervous disposition should draw the curtains and hibernate, whilst the rest of us step out into the cold... more

Christmas shouldn’t be a slog. Why slave over a hot stove when you could be indulging yourself with a long lie-in and a bit of gift unwrapping before taking your seat at a well-dressed table for a slap up gourmet Christmas lunch? Plenty of hotels will wrap up the whole... more

It seems impossible to imagine but sometimes, even the most avid spa-bunny gets jaded. Bored of the same massage, facial or wrap routine, they long for a change of pace. Or perhaps you're stuck in a rut and want to try something new on the treatment menu but you're not too... more

For those wanting culinary sophistication but in a country setting, a short train ride or car journey can bring you to some superb establishments within an hour or so from London. All the restaurants below combine pretty countryside locations with Michelin-starred cooking.... more

Gloucester is the UK's Cotswold County with strings of charming villages built out of this mellow limestone. The wool industry has been kind to Gloucestershire leaving behind lots of attractive, pre-industrial towns and the Regency spa city of Cheltenham, a rival in... more

The historic wealth of the north of England has given rise to some beautiful cities and also swathes of country houses, many of which have been converted into hotels. I used to live near the North York Moors and found exploring Helmsley, Harrogate and York itself a great way... more

The rain has arrived, the leaves have definitely fallen and we’ve all but forgotten even where we went on our summer holidays here at Britain’s Finest Towers. Surely it’s time to start thinking about a winter break, yes? The good news is that there are tonnes of hotels on... more

The Top Ten Restaurants to Take the Kids

There's nothing worse that walking into your hotel's restaurant with the kids in tow and realising you have brought along some very unwanted guests. But it doesn't have to be that way. Britain's hoteliers are wising up to the power of the parent pound and subsequently there... more

A well chosen bottle of wine can lift a great meal to a truly memorable one. A good wine list can be one that is so extensive it runs to several volumes or a much shorter document that contains a range of well chosen, interesting and good value bottles. Although home grown... more

Five of the Sexiest Places to Stay

Escape the boredom of your own bedroom at home and head for some sexier accommodation. The perfect time to forget about work, kids, pets, in-laws and spend some quality time with your other half. From four poster beds to sea views, here are the five I would chose, which... more

You and your gal pals just want to have fun, or you're new to the world of spa-ing, then maybe a trip to a hushed temple of wellbeing might not be the day you had planned. So, don't forget the spa motto - there's a perfect spa for every occasion, you just need to find the... more

Top 5 Self-Catering Properties for Christmas

Thinking of getting family and friends together for Christmas? Leave the blow-up beds in the loft and organise a proper seasonal break for your loved ones. Whether you want the whole gang under one roof, or think relationships might benefit from a degree of separation,... more

You did it! You made it through the summer! Weeks of hectic theme parks, noisy cinemas and family jaunts. Yes, the summer holidays are over. Autumn is here, the young kids back at school the older ‘kids’ are back at university… It is time for some overdue ‘me time’. So... more

You’re young, free and no longer single and want to arrange a weekend away with your man, easy, right? Wrong. The UK is brilliant at many things, like cream teas and ballroom dancing, but until recently funky hotel rooms that don’t cost the earth haven’t been its forte.... more

As I’m sure you don’t need reminding, summer in Britain can be rather hit and miss. Autumn, however, often brings some of our best weather, and as the leaves turn, it’s reliably spectacular too. It’s the ideal time to get out outside while you still can and enjoy the fiery... more

Great Britain, we did it! Our tiny little island managed to pull in 65 medals in the Olympics – and an astonishing 29 of those were gold! Our athletes are fantastic and have done us proud. But it wasn't easy; it took grit, determination and some seriously tough training... more

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It's often said that if you're a keen golfer then there are 11 reasons to visit St Andrews - otherwise known as the Old, New, Eden, Castle, Jubilee, Strathtyrum, Balgove, Duke's, Kingsbarns, Torrance and Kittocks Courses. However, though this is a small town that thrives on... more

I find Shropshire one of England’s loveliest counties. For century this green, castellated landscape was part of the Marcher Lands, border territory where Welsh armies clashed with the English king’s representatives. Sending a Welsh king to London as Henry VII bought peace... more

The British Isles are home to many great ingredients, from beautiful diver-caught scallops to world-class lamb. Food lovers can look forward to a range of festivals in the coming months celebrating the range of great British produce, the best of which are listed below. In... more

The 18th century was a time of extreme luxury for the haves (though sadly often at the expense of the have-nots), and consequently the period's architectural legacy is quite astounding. Thanks to influence of the sights seen while on their Grand Tour, the aristocracy of the... more

What could be better than a staycation by the sea? You’re well away from the hustle and bustle of the city, ready to discover the many delights of the coast: whether bracing walks taking in the salty sea air, visiting a quaint resort, indulging in a watersport, sampling the... more

Once upon a time, going to a spa was a one-way meal ticket to carrot juice and cottage cheese. You were expected to have a rumbling tummy and suffer to be beautiful. Thankfully, those days are gone. Nowadays, a trip to a spa can be a culinary treat too. You can enjoy... more

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The Yorkshire Dales, with its green valleys, dry stone walls, hardy sheep and rugged windswept hilltops, remains my favourite region in Britain. Largely contained within a National Park since 1954, its one of the few rural areas that has remained unspoilt through the... more

Great food, log fires, a sense of community and armchairs that you can sink into; the list of things that makes a hotel cosy are varied but always have comfort at their core. Most of them are small, but are run with real passion and verve. They can be expensive or a bargain... more