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Travel Ideas from Nikki Bayley

Here are the Travel Ideas for Britain's Finest chosen by Contributing Editor, Nikki Bayley.

Nikki Bayley

Nikki Bayley

Nikki Bayley has written extensively about spas, travel and food for a range of titles including the Sunday Times Travel Magazine, the Guardian, Good Spa Guide and Yahoo! According to Nikki few things make her happier than running barefoot across the grass to sink into an outdoor hot tub in the rain. “Trust me a spot of cooling rain on your face as you bubble in a tub is one of life's greatest pleasures.”

The return of the rain and gloomy skies can make you feel tired and sad - add that to dehydrating temperature changes from radiator-hot rooms to chilly winds outside and you definitely have no need to find excuses to pamper yourself. Here are ten spas which will have you... more

One of the world's most ancient organisms, seaweed is really rather amazing; this mineral and vitamin-packed 'superfood' doesn't have roots and instead grows by clinging tenaciously to rocks which allows them to grow upwards absorbing all those nutrients direct from the sea.... more

I can't be the only person out there who failed to keep up a strict winter skin routine of regular exfoliation combined with dedicated sessions of slathering my dehydrated skin with ultra-hydrating lotions and potions. So, if like me you're looking for a magical quick fix to... more

Your poor feet. Wrapped up in boots and socks for months on end and then expected to look instantly catwalk-ready just because we get a day of sunshine and you want to wear flip flops. Make it easy on your tired winter-worn tootsies by treating them to a long pampering... more

I'll come clean: spas which have plenty of water features are my favourite kind; swan pipes, experience showers, those amazing under-water loungers with billions of bubbles zipping away underneath - give me a couple of hours playing around with those and you'll see a very... more

No, not spas where you can have a relaxing time with a teenage heart-throb Vampire, but spas which have special deals so you can drop by for a few hours after work and enjoy an evening indulging in your favourite spa activities. Perfect for the dedicated spa-goer who's busy... more

There's no getting away from it, after an indulgent December full of over-eating, too much drinking, late nights and no exercise, most of us need to kick-start the new year with a detox. But that's hard! So make it easy on yourself; gently ease into a healthier new year by... more

As the cold and wet weather descends, our skin is under pressure from the environment. Going from the dehydrating centrally-heated indoors to bitterly-cold skin-chapping outdoors can take a toll. So change up your spa routine to include a moisturising facial and fight back... more

It seems impossible to imagine but sometimes, even the most avid spa-bunny gets jaded. Bored of the same massage, facial or wrap routine, they long for a change of pace. Or perhaps you're stuck in a rut and want to try something new on the treatment menu but you're not too... more

You and your gal pals just want to have fun, or you're new to the world of spa-ing, then maybe a trip to a hushed temple of wellbeing might not be the day you had planned. So, don't forget the spa motto - there's a perfect spa for every occasion, you just need to find the... more

Once upon a time, going to a spa was a one-way meal ticket to carrot juice and cottage cheese. You were expected to have a rumbling tummy and suffer to be beautiful. Thankfully, those days are gone. Nowadays, a trip to a spa can be a culinary treat too. You can enjoy... more

Whether it's a special occasion or you just want to spend some quality time with your gal-pals, an overnight spa break makes for the perfect location for some "girl-time". There are a bewildering array of spas out there, so before you set off, have a think about what kind of... more