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Travel Ideas

Here are the Travel Ideas for Britain's Finest, chosen by our team of professional travel journalists.

Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Oxfordshire

Recently, in a rather splendid hotel restaurant in Italy, I asked for the vegetarian option. I am not a vegetarian but I rarely eat meat because my wife is, and she does the cooking at home. I’m happy to eat fish, but at this hotel fish was a €15 surcharge. What came to the... more

Top 10 Pre-Christmas Breaks

For me the run-up to Christmas is as exciting as Christmas itself. Every day in December Britain office workers seem to get less and less work done as shopping, food preparation, writing Christmas cards and planning parties take over as the nation’s primary activities. But... more

Top 10 Eco-Inspired Breaks Across Britain

If you’re starting to consider the impact that your holiday has on the environment, you’re not alone. More and more of us are opting for more sustainable travel these days but some of us are still left a bit unsure as to how to make our holidays that little bit... more

‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.’ So Samuel Johnson famously said. But maybe, in this day and age, we’re just tired of a 24-7 connectivity and blurred boundaries between work and home life. Maybe we just need to hit pause for a few days. From foodie... more

It can be a daunting prospect when you’re standing at the top end of the school summer holidays with weeks to fill. But before you farm the children out to summer clubs, or archive as many episodes of Peppa Pig as your hard drive can handle, consider a holiday on home soil... more

Britain's Finest Gin Distilleries

Everyone needs a hobby. Unlike some politicians I don’t make model buses out of old wine box-thingies. I prefer gin. Drinking it with tonic, mixing it into martinis or visiting the distilleries where it is made and meeting fellow gin-enthusiasts. We are fortunate to be... more

There is nothing quite like dining by the water, especially when the weather is good. Be it relaxing in a classic English seaside resort, a surfing town or in a rural setting enjoying a lazy lunch by the river, Britain offers a plethora of enticing options. Our ten choices... more

Top 10 Opera Festivals to Attend in Britain This Summer

The English Country House Opera is a unique British phenomenon (although it is now being copied in Europe). The idea is simple: opera performed not in a city venue, but in a country house, either in the residence itself or in the grounds, or even a purpose-built theatre... more

10 Best Whisky Experiences in Edinburgh

While England has been going through its “Ginaissance”, Scotland has seen its national drink –unfashionable as late as the 1980s - reach stratospheric levels of desirability around the world. Wealthy people want to own bottles that retail in four figure sums. Wealthy... more

Once upon a time Britain’s pubs and hotels were places where you stayed the night if you lacked friends or relatives nearby. But you certainly didn’t go to a pub or hotel to eat. That’s what cafés and restaurants were for. But then in 1890 César Ritz arrived at London’s... more

Everyone loves spring. Grey clouds and damp streets transform into a floral tribute to the changing seasons and, well, you just feel that little bit better for spotting some daffs in the park. So, time to treat yourself to a mini-break to where you can admire the arrival of... more

Walking is good for us. When Bill Bryson hoofed it along the Appalachian Trail, he was delighted how much wisdom he gained and how much weight he lost. Wordsworth used to tramp all day composing poems in his head and Rousseau covered great distances on foot in order to... more

10 Best London Wine Bars

London is one of the most exciting places in the world to go out drinking. And drinking is a fine way to spend an evening as long as you’re sensible. In London, there are watering holes to cater for just about every taste. The problem is choosing the right bar.

... more

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon again and the perfect excuse to whisk a loved one away for a cosy night a deux. Book one of these sumptuous hidden gems and you’ll be a gazillion brownie points to the good with your other half.... more

Many hotels in Britain were once the homes of lords and ladies, barons and dukes. When Evelyn Waugh published his Brideshead Revisited in 1945 he did not believe that the English country house would survive in new post-World War II Britain. Many country houses were... more

Come on, EVERYONE loves a bit of glam hotel in their lives every now and again. You know, with posh toiletries that you can swipe, super high thread-count sheets to wallow in and the sort of high-end service last spotted in a Downton Abbey episode. We present below ten of... more

We all complain that Christmas seems to go on forever. It certainly starts too soon. Even before the bonfires of 5 November have fizzled out is done, department stores will be playing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and Paul McCartney will be Simply Having A... more

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all been to the National Gallery and the Science Museum but who has sampled the delights of the Cumberland Pencil Museum or engaged in the goriness of the Old Operating Theatre? Britain is crammed with completely charming but slightly offbeat museums... more

In the summertime hotels are bases from which we can venture out and explore the world. In the autumn, as nights get longer and we feel the first chills of winter, the British hotel becomes a place for hiding oneself away - or just indulging in comfort.

The ten... more

Hampshire's Best Sights

Hampshire is a county known to fly somewhat under the radar. Adjacent to Dorset with its beautiful beaches; and Sussex, which contains one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the whole of the UK in Brighton, some might think that Hampshire has nothing to offer. This... more

We lead busy lives, with no escape from the trill of the mobile, the tyranny of the work email arriving on a Sunday and the commuting chaos every Monday. We all deserve a break from this, right? Course we do. So here are my top ten places from which to type “And relax” onto... more

Once upon a time summer time in Britain was synonymous with coastline for most of us. From June till the end of August steam trains delivered families to busy seaside railway stations all over Britain. I remember that the first sight of the Irish Sea, North Sea or English... more

When it comes to fun family outings and attractions, Britons are spoilt for choice with hundreds of fabulous amusement parks, zoos, museums, historical sites and outdoor activities to wear your little tikes out. It’s hard to pick our favourites, but here are ten we love with... more

There are still some countries in Europe where dining rooms hide the fact that they are part of a hotel. It’s taken the Italians in particular decades to accept that one can dine well in a hotel. Even so they usually still give the restaurant a different name from the hotel.... more

Britain's Top 10 Cycling Hotels

Dare we utter these words… winter is over! Cyclists everywhere are abandoning their triple-therm gloves and hats, peeling off some of the lycra layers and itching to get out into the countryside for some serious biking. And even if you aren’t one of the mudguard mafia,... more