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Wivenhoe House Wedding Open Morning 15th July 10:00am-1:00pm Colchester

Looking forwards to our first ever Wedding Open Morning, view our beautiful new wedding Gazebo and stunning wedding spaces. All those who attend will also receive a FREE glass of bubbles, and  be entered into our PRIZE DRAW to WIN a romantic stay for two here at Wivenhoe House Hotel. ....

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a wedding venue to suit my WHOLE family

Hello!!!!  I've been engaged for nearly 5 years and my Husband and I have FINALLY decided to tie the knot! My hubby (to be) really wants an outdoor wedding and I would love to get married somewhere a bit glamorous, like a beautiful hotel or stately home. Our kids (7 ....

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How do i decide who to invite to my wedding

I recently got engaged and im in the early stages of planning our wedding but me and my H2B are having a hard time trying to choose who to invite. We have a relatively small budget, and are both terrified of upsetting our friends and family who don't get an ....

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Band or DJ?

Hi there, Im a B2B planning my wedding for late September this year. Me and my H2B are totally torn on whether to get a Band or DJ for our wedding. We like the 'coolness' of a band but also want the fun of dancing to some classic cheesy tunes. ....

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Engagement Party! yes or no?

I'M ENGAGED!! I'm so excited and absolutely thrilled to be engaged, we've only told a handful of people so far (mainly family) but the question is do we have an engagement party? if so who do we invite? I have no idea how any of this sort of thing works ....

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Hen Do ideas- any suggestions?

Hi, everyone!  My best friend has just become engaged and has made me her Maid of Honour.  She's given me the job of planning her hen-do which I am super excited about but have absolutely no idea where to start! There's four bridesmaid's, myself and the groom's sister, I'd also ....

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Scottish Vintage Wedding Advice!

Hi everyone, My h2b and I are having a vintage 1920's themed wedding in July next year (2018). We are hoping to get married in Scotland as it's where I'm originally from (we now both live in Manchester).  Does anyone know of any historical venues with a bit of character? ....

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Can someone please help me choose a wedding venue?

My fiancé and I got engaged a couple of weeks ago, but I feel completely overwhelmed as to what type of wedding venue to choose. I had a quick look, but I didn't realize how many different types / variety there were! We've put together a rough guest list (ultimately, ....

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Honeymoon destination advice

Me and my fiance cannot agree on where to go on our honeymoon. She would love a nice hot climate with plenty of beaches, whereas as I much prefer to explore cities. We've both got two weeks booked off work straight after our wedding so long haul flights not an ....

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Do you need wedding insurance?

Hi everyone! I've now finished planning my wedding, all I have left to do is the pay the suppliers in full. I've had one thought that didn't even cross my mind, wedding insurance! Has anyone else taken this out? Is it expensive? The reason I ask is that I've already ....

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When did you start planning your wedding?

A friend of mine has recently got in engaged and we were debating how long it should take to plan a wedding. She is looking at two years in advance which in my opinion this seems way to far in the future. I understand booking a wedding venue as this ....

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Sit down meal vs. buffet

Hi everyone! I just wanted opinions on catering options for a wedding. I always thought that it is expected for a wedding to have a sit down meal. However, I do not feel this would really fit with our theme. We have large number of guests and the theme is very laid-back, ....

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Real flowers - to be or not to be?

I wanted to know other peoples thoughts on real flowers. I think they are one of the biggest elements of the big day, as these will appear in almost all of your wedding photos! However I appreciate dependent on other peoples priorities these can form a large part of any ....

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How did you find the perfect dress?

Probably the most important decision in this entire process, finding the perfect dress! I have honestly not started looking yet. It was hard enough finding the perfect venue, but that has now completely been eclipsed by the dress! Where do I start? Should I go to bridal boutique? How does ....

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Can a winter wedding work?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone was thinking about a winter wedding or has had one? My fiance will be out of the country in the summer and won't be back until late October. I was wondering if a December wedding would work or will Christmas just get in the ....

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How did you budget for your special day?

Happy New Year everyone! The joys of getting married-the cost! It's alarming that the average cost of a wedding the UK is £25,000, but it soon all adds up. I'd about halfway through my wedding planning, tying the knot in December this year. I'm really after any tips or DIY ....

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How did you organise your seating plan?

I'm in the final stages of planning our wedding. I think I may also have left one of the harder decisions slightly last minute-the dreaded seating plan. It didn't dawn on me the complicated process of remembering old family feuds and who has has requested to sit with who. The ....

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What gifts shall I get for the bridesmaids and groomsmen?

The countdown is on until my big day and with just 1 month to go, I am completely stuck with appropriate gifts for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. The wedding party is made up of all of our closest friends and it has been left up to me to find the ....

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Can anybody recommend five star hotels in London to hold a civil ceremony?

Hi everyone, I was looking for recommendations for five star hotels in London to host my wedding? I thought it best to ask here as I can see this site specialize sin this. Me and my husband to be are looking for a civil ceremony in Autumn in 2018. We ....

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