How to write your perfect wedding invitation

Congratulations! You're engaged and that's wonderful!

What next ......

You may have considered either proposing or waiting to be proposed to as the tricky part. Uh uh - that was just a mild warm-up for what is about to occur over the next few months! .... But, take a deep breath, sit down, pour yourself a large glass of something yummy and relax.

Britain's Finest's wedding team is here to help take the pressure off you. We're going to offer a variety of tips and pieces of invaluable advice which will make a difference to your lives, whilst you attempt to organise one of the most important days of your life.

And let's face it, unless you are a wedding planner, this is quite a tricky and often stressful experience. But with a sensible, chilled-out perspective - consulting useful people, forums and articles - it'll be a singe and you'll have a ball creating your perfect day.

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In this blog post we're going to look at The Wedding Invitation  

Ahh, the infamous invitation - this can actually cause soooo many issues, mainly as we don't really look or think about them too much, until, we have to.

However, whilst guests might not look too closely at the invite, family will. This is where people, especially from a divorced background start panicking as the wording can become contentious with warring parents. The last thing you need is to be caught in the cross fire of parents taking comments personally, out of context, making your wedding plans about them and generally shaping your life into a nightmare, when this is a time you require support.

Don't worry - we've got this covered and will show you loads of different invitation examples which should help.

What makes a great invitation? 

Lets look at the general nuts and bolts of what you're going to be aiming for:

 As you can see, the above image demonstrates the basic grid outline you need to create to provide your guests with all the information they require. Essentially you will need six main blocks of information:

 1. TITLE LINE -  this is the line which can cause most upset. Traditionally, this line is where the bride's parent's (who are paying for the entire wedding or 'hosting') invite the couple's guests. If this is the case, normally an invite would say 'Mr and Mrs Jeff. King are delighted to invite you to celebrate' or words to such affect. However,  it is no longer expected for the bride's parents to pay and what happens if both sets of parents are helping towards costs? Or, as is more common these days, the couple themselves are paying for their entire wedding. How about the title wording for a same sex marriage? Or, what happens if it's the bride's stepfather and mother who are paying, or if a parent is deceased?

Here's our list of invitation title line's that should work for most couples:

Bride's parents hosting:

Mr and Mrs. Jeff King

cordially invite you to celebrate the marriage of their daughter

Janine Elizabeth


Mr. Joseph Edward Lopez

son to Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lopez (note the hosting parent has respected the other parents. This isn't a requirement, but it is a pleasant formality which acknowledges the new change to the family structures


Groom's parent's hosting:

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lopez

request the pleasure of your company 

at the marriage of 

Ms./Miss Janine Elizabeth King


their son

Mr. Joseph Edward Lopez


Bride and groom solely hosting their wedding (formal):

Ms./Miss Janine Elizabeth King


Mr. Joseph Edward Lopez

cordially invite you to join them at their marriage (note how the title line has actually moved down here as it makes more sense


Bride and groom solely hosting their wedding (less formal):

The pleasure of your company is requested at the wedding of 

Janine and Joseph


Bride and groom's parents are sharing wedding day hosting (formal):

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff King (note, should you wish to remain within traditional etiquette realms, the bride's parents come first)

cordially invite you

to the marriage of their daughter

Janine Elizabeth


Mr. Joseph Edward Lopez

son of

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lopez 


Bride and groom's parents are sharing wedding day hosting (less formal):

Together with their families

Miss Janine Elizabeth King


Mr. Joseph Edward Lopez

request the pleasure of your company at


Bride's mother and stepfather host:

Mr. and Mrs. Darius Jones

cordially invite you to the marriage of her daughter

Janine Elizabeth King


Mr. Joseph Edward Lopez


Groom's divorced and remarried parent's host together: (As a mark of respect to the Groom's mother, it is likely she and her husband are mentioned first - however, if you feel this could cause issues, place the names alphabetically)

Mr. and Mrs. Felix Shaw


Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lopez

cordially invite you to the marriage of

Miss/Ms. Janine Elizabeth King

to their son

Mr. Joseph Edward Lopez 


Divorced parent, now gay, hosting the wedding with their partner:

Mr. Jeff King and Mr. John Bailey 

are delighted to invite you to the wedding of Jeff's daughter

Miss/Ms. Janine Elizabeth King


Mr. Joseph Edward Lopez 


Deceased parent:

You are cordially invited to the marriage of 

Miss/Ms. Janine Elizabeth King

daughter of Jeff and the late Rachel King


Mr. Joseph Edward Lopez

son of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Lopez



Don't panic! Just apply the same rules as above. For example, if one of the couple's parent's are paying, place their name first in the title line followed by the other.

One of the couple's parents is hosting the same sex marriage:

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lopez

have the pleasure of inviting you to the wedding of their son

Joseph Edward Lopez


Mr. Clifford Green

son of 

Mr. and Mrs. David Green


Both sets of parents are hosting the same sex marriage: (note, here we would recommend you place the names in alphabetical order) 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff King

cordially invite you to the wedding of their daughter

Janine Elizabeth


Miss/Ms. Hannah Pritchard

daughter to 

Mr. and Mrs. Luke Pritchard


The couple are hosting their same sex marriage (formal): (note how the names are in alphabetical order

Mr. Clifford Green


Mr. Joseph Edward Lopez

cordially invite you to join them at their marriage on


The couple are hosting their same sex marriage (less formal):

Janine and Hannah

are delighted to invite you to their wedding at


POINTS 4 and 5 on the wedding invitation example are what we call the action and information lines. These explain to your guests the information they require - the where and when of the ceremony.

POINT 6 is the party line - this is information which will help your guests understand what will be occurring and if they need to consider any issues. Simply, it is an extra line to  let your guests know if they will be dancing, singing, eating or anything more unusual!

For example if you are having your ceremony in a field, you could suggest:

As our ceremony will be held in a beautiful field, we do recommend welly boots or flats!


We hope this blog has helped with the tricky wording and wedding etiquette protocols that can arise from writing invitations. What is worth remembering, no matter your situation, this is you and your fiance's wedding. Your wedding invitation is an extension of how you anticipate and visualise your wedding day - let it represent you two and no one else.

Have fun creating beautiful invitations!



We'll shoe you your ideal wedding venue!

Are you aware of the relationship between a bride's footwear and the venue the couple will choose to say their vows? Your choice of footwear says a lot about you -  your wedding shoes can make or break your outfit. Your chosen shoes can change the way you will feel on your day, they'll represent your personality and sense of style without needing to utter a word. And your wedding venue will do the same.

Your venue needs to convey you and your partner's relationship, demonstrate to friends and family the values you consider important. Every aspect of your wedding needs to demonstrate your commitment to one another through the wedding choices you decide, representing an understanding and respect of each other's tastes.

The pressure to find the ideal venue (just like the perfect wedding shoe) can be enormous. There are many considerations - location, price, reflection of personalities, menus, licencing hours, music restrictions, noise restrictions, convenience, size - the list goes on and on.

To off-load some of this initial stress, take our simple test. Look at the pictures of wedding shoes below and we will advise as to which venues most suit the people who choose a particular type and style of shoe. Go on  - you'll be amazed!


Style A


Style B


Style C



Your shoe and venue choice outcome!

Style A

Great choice! These shoes are flamboyant, girly and likely to drive magpies bonkers! Accessories and attention to detail are you thing! You like to co-ordinate your attire and make sure something sparkles - be it a pair of stunning earrings, a detailed bracelet or a pair of fabulous statement shoes - you know how to set your look perfectly. And you expect the same from everything else too.

Venue wise - I can imagine you're struggling to find a venue that offers all the detail you require and is of course, a show-stealing, crowd pleaser. This venue has to offer the ultimate wow factor. Ultimately the place must guarantee the perfect memory and ensure your guests are thoroughly in awe of your day and the considerations you have placed to create such an amazing day! We think you ought to consider this incredible venue:


Solent Forts, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth


Ariel view of No Man's Fort in the Solent, Portsmouth

Perfect venue for creating a memorable entrance!

Solent Forts is the A list of venues. You and your guest will arrive by boat to this phenomenal destination which is essentially a floating, private island. First built as part of the seventeenth century sea defences for Portsmouth Harbour, now it is a highly unusual hotel conversion with state of the art modern features belying it's original Victorian structure. Your guests can relax in luxury making the most of the views and enjoying the sauna, games room, rooftop hot pool, firepit and luxury bedroom suites. Oh and there's a helipad if you need one too!



Star gaze in the Atrium or use it for more unusual purposes!

Cars are just a little to mundane for No Man's Fort ....


Style B

You old romantic you! You are a Wordsworth dreamer, a lover of all that is delicate, traditional and elegant. Your shoe choice says so much about the way you view life - gentle with a hint of quaint, never brash or garish with occasional veering to the sentimental. Your ideal venue will be the pastoral idyll with grace and a tranquil air.  Space for your guests to relax and immerse themselves into your day will also be a consideration. Your venue needs to reflect the timeless, enduring qualities of love and the sincerity of emotion you feel to your partner. Look below for our venue suggestion:


Hengrave Hall, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Aerial view of Hengrave Hall and it's stunning grounds


Closer view of the beautiful Tudor hall 


Hengrave Hall is simply gorgeous. Found in the Suffolk countryside, you are immediately removed from the real world and transported into an entirely private, dream-like environment. Full of history and character, Hengrave Hall has its own beautiful chapel in which you can be wed. Or choose to say your vows within they stately rooms if you would like a civil ceremony. All weddings held here are tailored for your personal requirements. Should you require a larger party, the Long Gallery with its stunning chandeliers can host 140 people or create an intimate and private wedding, making the most of the charming rooms. 

Imagine holding your wedding breakfast in this Tudor hall....

Just one of the four reception rooms you can choose for your ceremony


Style C

The bride with a difference! You see the world from a slightly different angle to others and whilst every couple are looking for something tailored to their needs, you are looking for something as unique as you. Your wedding shoe choice points to the unobvious, the quirky and mischievous side in you. You don't view marriage in an conventional manner but more as the start to a fantastic and fun journey with your best friend - both of whom are fortunate enough to be in love with the other. Your shoes and venue have to demonstrate your lust for life, the vigour and energy you bring to the world. You want your guests to have a ball celebrating your day with you and we think the choice below will be perfect for the two of you ....

Cley Windmill The Quay, Cley-next-the-Sea, Norfolk